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4-5 august, kolkata

A 2 day  outdoor workshop covering most aspects of d-slr photography that are needed for travel, landscape, nature and portrait photography. please fill in the form below for receiving registration details. L1 FOR BEGINNERS L2 FOR THOSE WHO HAVE SOUND KNOWLEDGE OF  L1 TOPICS.

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Shayak Raychaudhuri

Level 1 (L1) Topics 

Introduction to camera controls

Exposure practice – Understanding light, Exposure triangle, Exposure calculation 

Depth of field and aperture
Motion and shutter speed

Camera Modes
Using Exposure compensation
Focus modes
Focal length
Shooting Landscapes
Shooting portraits
Using flash, shooting backlit subjects
Detailed Image review (online)

​Fees : Rs. 2000/- 

​(includes course fees, refreshments, tickets if applicable, and course material PDF)


Advanced camera controls (focus lock / exposure locking / DoF preview etc.)
Exposure practice – Challenging light  (back light / low light / High contrast scenes )
Centre weighted and spot metering
Focus practice – Focus locking, Hyperfocal distance etc.
Landscape shooting – Layered compositions, focal length variations, different orientations, etc.
Portrait shooting – candid, posed and environmental
Moving shots – Panning, creative blurs, maintaining lead space
Focal length Variations – creating and reducing depth
White Balance fine tune
Composition assignments
Image review 

​Fees : Rs. 2100/- 

(includes course fees, refreshments, tickets if applicable, and course material PDF)