Shayak Raychaudhuri

college / school  programs

College and senior school students are increasingly getting interested in photography as an enriching hobby that may turn into a rewarding profession. My college and school workshops/ chat sessions are customised keeping in mind the academic level of the students and also focuses on the career options in photography. 


corporate  programs

Corporate programs include workshops designed specifically for a group of photography enthusiasts - staff of corporate offices, customers of Banks etc. Usually 2-3 hours or half a day for outdoors, these workshops deal with different kinds of cameras and practical techniques. 



  • Gir National Park, Gujarat
  • Pushkar cattle fair, Rajasthan
  • Mumbai, Photo-walk
  • Kolkata, Photo-walk
  • ‚ÄčAhmedabad, Photo-walk

outdoor  workshops

Outdoor workshops are a mixture of travel, exploration and photography learning. Everyone can join, but attending a basic workshop or basic working knowledge of a D-SLR is helpful. Classroom techniques are applied on the field, and participants are given assignments to complete and rewarded for their efforts. Some of the locations I have done workshops at are :


  • Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir
  • Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
  • Hampi, Karnataka
  • Yumthang Valley, Sikkim
  • Munnar, Kerala

Workshops and other events

Basic D-SLR workshops 

Basic D-SLR workshops are meant for beginners in photography, specially those who have just bought a D-SLR. The 4 hour session typically includes :


  • Basics of photography
  • Important camera controls 
  • Troubleshooting 
  • Fine tuning exposure, focus and white balance.
  • Introduction to composition

advance  workshops

Advance D-SLR workshops are meant for those who have basic knowledge of

D-SLR photography, and want to learn further techniques to fine tune their photography. The advance workshops can be a single session, classroom session OR an indoor practical session dedicated to a certain topic like FLASH, FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY, TABLETOP, PORTRAITURE & POST-PROCESSING. A typical classroom session would include topics like :


  • Analysing and controlling light
  • Understanding and controlling colour
  • Focus (advance ) and Depth-of-field study
  • RAW conversion and post-processing 
  • Advance composition study

compact  camera  workshops

Compact digital cameras are often not covered in photography workshops. My workshops are custom made for compact camera users. Through interactive classroom and practical sessions, compact camera users can get the maximum out of their cameras.


Gallery of my photography and workshops