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I am a commerce graduate. During and after my graduation, I formally studied photography, videography and film editing in Kolkata. 

After finishing my studies, I started my career as a freelance photographer. During my initial years, I was lucky to find many photography assignments covering a variety of subjects. In 2006, I was recruited as staff photographer of a hugely popular online greeting cards company and given the responsibility of creating the image bank for them. This opportunity gave me tremendous confidence, exposure and organizational skills which would help me in the coming years.

Next, my journey eventually brought me deep into the world of cameras. As a technical official in a major camera manufacturing company, I had the opportunity to unravel the mysteries of the digital camera world covering a wide range of equipment and helping photographers understand their gear. The journey soon took another major turn when conducting workshops was added to my portfolio and I started conducting photography workshops throughout the country, at some of the most attractive locations of the country like Ladakh, Jaisalmer, Hampi, Gir National Park, Sikkim, and Munnar. More than a 100 workshops later, I decided to dedicatedly pursue photography and training. I quit my job as Head of technical office in 2013.  

Today, I conduct photography workshops all year round at well-known as well as lesser known destinations in India. I try to keep my workshops simple, but practical because I believe the real joy of learning photography is on the field, not in classrooms.
Partnering this success are some of the well-known names in the field of imaging equipment as well as travel. I believe that the experience of a photography workshop should be memorable in terms of the whole experience and not just photography. My workshops blend tourism, making friends, enjoying good food, regional culture, and of course, learning photography.

Presently, I live in Kolkata, and balance my time between working as a freelance photographer, photography trainer, and photography writer. I also manage a translation and digital marketing business. 

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