Level 2 


Next Session: 
6-7 March 2021

This is a 2 day, outdoor photography workshop for those who want to learn topics beyond the basics of photography.


This workshop should be attended by photography enthusiasts of ages above 12 with about 6 months to 2 years of experience. 


A DSLR / Mirrorless /similar camera with P,S,A,M modes is mandatory.

Locations: Within Kolkata (exact locations informed after registration)

Fees :  Rs. 2200/- 

(includes course material, entry fees, and snacks)


  • Advanced camera controls (focus lock, AE lock etc)  

  • Exposure in challenging light 

  • Handling high contrast situations  

  • Centre-weighted & spot metering

  • Focus locking & hyperfocal distance  

  • Focal length variations, adding / reducing depth-of-field

  • Landscape shooting - layered compositions

  • Handheld Low light shooting at low ISO

  • Panning & creative blurs 

  • white balance fine tuning

  • Image review